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About company

Udokan copper (former Baikal Mining Company) was established in 2008 to execute Udokan copper project in Kalar District of Zabaikalye Region. Udokan with its resources of more than 26 mn tons of copper has a strategic impact on Russian and global non-ferrous metallurgy as the largest undeveloped deposit in Russia and the third largest globally. 

Udokan copper makes responsible use of the nature and resources of Zabaikalye Region and is implementing the project applying the best reasonably available technologies producing the minimum impact on the environment. Udokan copper will be one of the first companies in Russia using in-house patented flotation-hydrometallurgical flowsheet to process ores. Cathode copper and sulphide concentrate will be the main products of Udokan MMP.

Udokan is a flagship greenfield project in the industry. We are focusing on the best world ESG practices as early as at the construction stage, we are working on reducing the carbon footprint and we are concerned about what we are going to leave behind for the future generations. 

Udokan copper will produce a metal that is one of the most sustainable and sought-after by the modern low-carbon economy. Thuswise, we are contributing to global progress and sustainable development of all mankind. 

Udokan copper is one of strategic investors of Zabaikalye Region. Investment in Stage I of the project will amount to USD 2.9 bn. The significance of Udocan deposit for social and economic development of Zabaikalye Region is confirmed by its inclusion in Zabaikalye Priority Development Territory  by the Government of the Russian Federation in September 2019.