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Zabaikalye University and Mining College partnering up with Baikal Mining Company

Zabaikalye University and Mining College partnering up with Baikal Mining Company
Baikal Mining Company entered into a cooperation agreement with Zabaikalye State University and Zabaikalye Mining College named after M.I.Agoshkov.

The relevant documents were signed on December 19, 2018 within the framework of “Human Resources of Zabaikalye for Major Industrial Projects” session, on the day of opening of Chita Boiling Point teamwork environment. The documents were signed by General Director of BMC Yury Ryabov and heads of the above educational institutions Sergey Ivanov and Nikolay Zykov.

The agreements are based on targeted education of specialists for Baikal Mining Company at the higher educational establishments according to basic educational programs of intermediate vocational education and higher education agreed upon by the parties as well as retraining and advanced training of specialists according to supplementary intermediate vocational education programs.

Please be reminded that Baikal Mining Company expects to put into operation Stage I of Udokan MMP with the annual capacity of 12 mtpa of ore in 2022. The Plant situated in the north of Zabaikalye Region shall produce cathode copper and sulphide concentrate. By the time the Plant achieves the design capacity the manpower shall exceed 2,000 people.

Commenting on the signed agreements, HR Director of BMC LLC Olga Litvinova pointed out that execution of such a large-scale project as Udokan MMP construction and operation generated new parameters of demand for labour resources. “We regard the capacities of Zabaikalye Region, in the first place, as a key source of supply for these resources and we understand that the specialists of the region are highly interested in long-term labour relations. Qualification level and availability of the required professions are the main obstacles at the moment, and we intend to resolve these issues within the framework of developing cooperation with educational institutions of the Region,” she highlighted.
19 December 2018